About Me

I’m a country lass who lives with her head in the clouds, which possibly comes from an early childhood of watching what some would call too much Star Trek: The Next Generation. From a time when Saturday night TV consisted of Knight Rider and Martial Law, and the summer was spent outside getting grazed knees and sun-bleached hair, I’m a typical ’90s kid, but without the overt nostalgia that’s on the internet all the time – with the exception of my lament that Tom&Jerry used to be so good.

I’ve been writing since I was thirteen though when I was nine, I wrote a Stargate SG-1 fanfiction, before I knew fanfiction was even a thing. My writing in my early teenage years was generally fairly awful fantasy, typed out very slowly with with two fingers. I still have it somewhere on my computer, but it shall never again see the light of day!

Now I can be found attempting an urban fantasy series which still doesn’t have a title and never gets my attention for more than a month a time, mostly because I can’t decide on a series plot, even though I have a reluctant, if kickass, heroine I really want to get down to writing. There’s a bit of humour in there, at least, I plan on there being, and the story revolves around a debt to be repaid.

The other books I have completed (which can be found on the wattpad page) are teen fiction, some which could be classed as humour, others with a royal twist.